Friday, 21 September 2012

New vs old

Well,due to a technical glitch,the post I wanted to write will have to wait until the laptop is back from the doctor. And as the iPad doesn't like to release photos from it's apple-core vaults,the photos to accompany the intended post will also have to wait too. So I thought I would talk about our impending house move. This is a loooooong overdue move with more complications than a book about quantum physics,but we are,at long last,moving. And in the right direction. Which means less travel for the Man of the House,a garden-an ACTUAL garden,for Tiger and Boo,closer to family-which will be a blessing,but most importantly it means I GET A CRAFT ROOM!!! (No,I know that's not the most important thing,but the thought of it is giving me palpitations,so it's pretty high up on the list;-)) All good,you say,so what's the problem? It's a new house. Yup,now there's a First World problem right there if I have ever seen one,lol. We currently live in an old converted chapel. It is the first house we bought together,the girls were made right here under these beams,it's was a total mess when we found it,but fell in love straight away with its quirk and charm that lurked underneath the bubblegum pink and navy wallpaper and crumbly walls. We bashed it about,shaped it and LOVED it into what it is today,but all that has taken its toll. It's tiring living in a home that constantly needs upkeep-it is never finished,and to someone coming in,it may not look like that,but to us there is always something that needs doing. The house we are moving into is a 'new build'-it is a positively embryonic 7 years old. And the only things that need doing are the fun bits,like "hmmmm,what colour shall we paint the living room?" and "Oooh,I do rather fancy Seagrass flooring on the second floor". It will be like a breath of fresh air to be able to just sit and not be eyeing yet another huge crack in the wall or uncovering more original coving that needs gentle restoring. But. I know what we are like-it won't be too long before we are tapping our bored uncaloused fingers,eyeing up ruins that we pass along a road and giving each other THAT look. But for now,our new,slightly cyclpotic looking fresh outta the packet  house is beckoning and looking incredibly tempting and relaxing. And it has a craft room. No argument really,is there...?

Sunday, 16 September 2012

BAM! I've got me a blog :-)

Hmmm,this is the awkward 'first date' bit,where I'm not quite sure what to say,you are not quite sure what I do or what to expect,so shall we just skip straight onto the second post? Forget this bit exists? Eh? Good idea? Good idea! Let's go!