Friday, 9 May 2014

Fishy Friday!

A while back I made a card for my DT post for Make The Day Special Stamp Store,I wanted to try and make a card version of Big Mouth Billy Bass,that singing wiggling fish on a plaque,remember him? Sure you do! So I reached for my WPlus9 Fish More set teamed with Lawn Fawn's Fanciful Frames to recreate a papery version of that iconic singing fish ;-) here he is

And a closer look

To get that cool fish colouring effect I stamped the fish first in an peachy yellow,then inked the fish up with a forest green,but wiped the bottom bit off with a cloth,then carefully stamped over the peachy fish to give that two-toned look. (Jennifer McGuire does a great video on how to do this technique) Then I brushed over a little gold perfect pearls to give him a fishy sheen (that sadly doesn't seem to pick up in photos) I LOVE that sentiment,so funny! 

Lou x

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Iced (bitter)sweetness

Its still cold and wet here in Cambridgeshire,but that will not stop me dreaming about Summer! No way ,so I dug out one of my first ever Lawn Fawn sets Here's The Scoop,MFT Peekaboo Trio and faced my nemesis,my sewing machine. (Brief back story: my sewing machine and I were besties once. We did everything together,cards,tags,bunting-there wasn't a job we couldn't do together. Until I gave it a card to sew that I had spent literally FOREVER on. Completely oblivious of its evil intentions,I fed my precious hard work under its foot and.... SQUARL-NASH!!! (That was the actual sound it made) it ate my card in one go :-O (That was my actual face I made) Since prying out my tattered card from under its destructive foot,we haven't spoken. I even put its dust cover on it (Kind of like a naughty chair for sewing machines) UNTIL TODAY!
 I had eyed up Virginia's View sewing challenge when it opened up.
 I looked at the naughty machine in its dust cover and wondered if it had learnt its lesson.... I got it set up,and put some nice sunny aqua thread on its spool...I cautiously made up my card and introduced it to the machine. The machine looked shifty. I gave the machine a warning in my best stern voice. I put my card along with its heap of glitter (in hindsight,maybe best to be a bit more sparing with the sparkles)under its nonchalant foot,shut my eyes and pushed the foot peddle...

 Not a whisper of malice,it just calmly went round the border,as asked...

As if nothing had ever happened...

Has it changed? Is it a reformed machine? Was it just having an off day? Who knows! But at least I can enter the challenge and think about forgiveness ;-)

Forgiven,machine. Forgiven....(but not forgotten!)

Lou x

Floral fancies

I don't know about your neck of the woods,but we have officially LOST the sun! Ah well,makes for a perfect crafting day when the sun is not out to tempt me into some gardening ;-)
So today is my day over at Make The Day Special Stamp Store,and I used Wplus9 Coming up Roses in two different backgrounds on my cards.

And a closer look at each one...

These were so therapeutic to do! 
I hope you like them :-)

Lou x