Sunday, 10 March 2013

Freakshow Junk Journal (warning-veeeeery long post!)

Look at this-I'm back again just DAYS after my last posting! ;-)

Ok,so this post will have a LOT of photos,so you may want to grab a cup of something hot and sit down...or just skip it entirely. 
I took part in a Junk Journal Swap over at Your Paper Pantry,and the theme was circus/sideshow freaks,anything weird and wonderful along those lines. What a theme! I was super excited to do it,and couldn't wait to get started. Boo had a vintage book about a circus pony that she had never liked,for some reason,and I kept thinking how perfect it would be as I started planning the journal. So I decided NOT to tell Boo I was going to 'upcycle' her detested book and managed to remove it without detection,because in true child style,we must NEVER EVER NEVER throw anything out,even if it isn't liked much. Just in case. (Oh dear,she's a hoarder like her Mama:-/) This meme very much applies in our household...
Yup. That about sums it up! Anyway,so I dissected this book and used its covers for my journal covers,and some of the pages that had particular relevance. The rest are bits from the awesome Graphics Fairy,vintage ephemera and other bits and bobs. Here it is,all finished

(Inside the front are two mini pull-outs)

Now are the other pages in order,hope you like a bit of weird,because these certainly are!

Whew! There were a few more pages,but I spared you ;-) I bound it using the ball chain method,so it can lay flat when it is open,and it ended up super chunky so I'm glad I chose the ball chain over rings-I don't think they could have handled it.
Anyway,I hope you liked peeping through it-I LOVED doing it so so much-right up my alley :-)
Toodle-pip for now!

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  1. This is SOME COOL vintagesteampunkGOTH Style masterpiece you have going here! I LOVE mini albums too, so great!


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