Saturday, 26 October 2013


That moment when as the washing up is mounting an attack across the worktop,the laundry is souffle-ing out of the hamper,youngest toddler is requesting elaborate and impossible hair styles, Tiger produces a manky,stained Birthday invitation from her book bag that has been festering in there for some time..."Mummy,look-its Ben's Lego Birthday party....IT'S TODAY!!!" In an hour. Right. 
3,2,1 Mummy=GO GO GO! Snarl at washing up (it snarls back),place small toddler in dirty clothes hamper and use to jump souffle laundry back down into compressed lump whilst clipping hundreds of glittery hairclips into her hair,throw clean clothes and lunch at Tiger,race up to craft hovel (yes,it has got THAT bad) scratch around for (clean) card blanks,ink and current favorite Birthday sentiment set (Clearly Besotted) whilst yelling for small bits of Lego to be found. Birthday boy Ben LOVES Lego. A Lego cake card was like 5 minutes.

And I didn't even get time to ink the edges ;-)

STAMPS: Clearly Besotted 'Make a Wish'
INKS: Stampin' Up 'Brilliant Blue',Stampin' Up 'Pool Party' VersaFine 'Onyx'


  1. Hahaha what a great description and look what a fab card you made in such a short time :0)
    Love that you used actual Lego...genius!!

  2. Love your Lego card....I have lots of Lego lying around the house (usually under my feet) and will give this a go!

  3. This is such a fantastic idea!! Love it! X


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