Thursday, 8 May 2014

Iced (bitter)sweetness

Its still cold and wet here in Cambridgeshire,but that will not stop me dreaming about Summer! No way ,so I dug out one of my first ever Lawn Fawn sets Here's The Scoop,MFT Peekaboo Trio and faced my nemesis,my sewing machine. (Brief back story: my sewing machine and I were besties once. We did everything together,cards,tags,bunting-there wasn't a job we couldn't do together. Until I gave it a card to sew that I had spent literally FOREVER on. Completely oblivious of its evil intentions,I fed my precious hard work under its foot and.... SQUARL-NASH!!! (That was the actual sound it made) it ate my card in one go :-O (That was my actual face I made) Since prying out my tattered card from under its destructive foot,we haven't spoken. I even put its dust cover on it (Kind of like a naughty chair for sewing machines) UNTIL TODAY!
 I had eyed up Virginia's View sewing challenge when it opened up.
 I looked at the naughty machine in its dust cover and wondered if it had learnt its lesson.... I got it set up,and put some nice sunny aqua thread on its spool...I cautiously made up my card and introduced it to the machine. The machine looked shifty. I gave the machine a warning in my best stern voice. I put my card along with its heap of glitter (in hindsight,maybe best to be a bit more sparing with the sparkles)under its nonchalant foot,shut my eyes and pushed the foot peddle...

 Not a whisper of malice,it just calmly went round the border,as asked...

As if nothing had ever happened...

Has it changed? Is it a reformed machine? Was it just having an off day? Who knows! But at least I can enter the challenge and think about forgiveness ;-)

Forgiven,machine. Forgiven....(but not forgotten!)

Lou x


  1. Hello, Louise! I am so glad that your sewing machine cooperated! What a darling and sweet card! The stitched borders give such a refined touch! Thanks for entering Virginia's View Challenge! So glad that you join the fun!

  2. Oh Lou you have no idea how funny that was ...very same thing happened to me ....i just got a nice shiny new machine that plays ball every time i ask it :)
    Awesome card ...i still haven't got that set :( me need it now.
    Kate xx

  3. Love the commentary Lou ... made me chuckle xx


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