Thursday, 13 June 2013

I'll take an 'A' please,Bob!

I am back in the swap saddle-after a bit of a break. 
I joined Mini Album Scraps a while ago,and have been lurking,but stepped out and joined the May Tags swap,which this month (yeah,I know,it was last month ;-) ) the swap was to each make 6 pennants for a banner saying "CREATE" ,then you keep one and send 5 off. I LOVE this idea,and as the challenge was to use sepia's,browns and creams in a vintage style,well,that is me all over. So I got letter 'A',and this is it:
I cut the 'A' with my Slice and layered it up on some burlap,vintage lace,a doily and some antique music paper. The pennant itself is super duper thick chipboard sent to me by a lovely friend. I nearly broke my hand cutting through it,but at least it will not bend! I wrapped the pennant in my ever-so-useful Ikea music wrapping paper and Mod-Podged it all down (with the help of Boo and Tiger) then layered the lace and bits up over it. All the other girls have made the other letters-I can't WAIT to get the other letters!


  1. Just lovely! Rather like the post title too!! I'm so very glad to have given your hand a much needed muscle workout- after all, exercise is good, right?! Maybe chocolate would be less stressful next time (although somewhat more messy to cut!) x

    1. Hahaha,Thanks Keren. Hmmmm,yes,I think I will take some chocolate please Bob next time! xx


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