Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A little Welsh pixie

Nearly a year ago,I casually promised one of my best friends a kitsch diorama. We had seen one on Pinterest that we both loved and pinned,and I told her I would knock one up in no time. The weeks rolled into months...still no knocking. Until yesterday!
I had the components I needed (tin,1930's ceramic pixie,astro-turf),but no theme or time to even think about a theme (sigh) but last night,hubby was home early,Tiger and Boo were happy playing,so I snook off to the craft room......

The quote is one of my absolute fave's,it is "I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night" by Sarah Williams,which I typed onto Lawn Fawn Dewy Decimal paper. The pinwheel (how cute and teeny is that?!) is a The Cat's Pajamas die and the stars are punched.
It now has to make its way,at long last,to Wales to sit upon a shelf along with a deer in a glass dome in a spot that has been waiting for it :-)


  1. Gorge! Amazing. Up cycling at its finest! Love love the little pixie but what intrigues me more is the fact you seem to have a vintage typewriter! Swoon!

    1. Mwahhahaha,tis my pride and joy :-D
      Thanks keren :-) xx

  2. So cool!!!! Kitsch at it's best :)


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