Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Layers of Lawn Fawn!


I made this card today using the gorgeous Lawn Fawn Bright Side papers and Lawn Fawn Grand Greetings sentiment set,some ribbon and a flower I made a while ago from some nice retro 70's polyester (Noice!!)

It is surprisingly easy to do-I cut four circles out from each of the papers I wanted to use,using a 3/4 inch circle punch. The hardest part is lining up that first line,but once you have them in place,the rest are easy peasy. Just glue the smallest bit at the top of the circle,then you can slot all the other circles underneath. Trim any overhangs and in between each circle along the bottom and add ribbon across the top (easier said than done-I appear to be quite inadept at this seemingly simple technique :-/ ) and flower or any other embellishment and add your sentiment.
 I love the look of this card as it seems to appeal to all ages-my 3 and 7 year olds went mad over it,each requesting one (Oh great!) and my Mum and her friends love it too. So I can declare with conviction that Lawn Fawn papers are universally appealing ;-)
I hope you give this technique a try-it is great fun :-)

Lou x


  1. Fun card! I love that mix of patterns and that's a great use for that polyester! :)

    1. Thank you Michelle! That means a lot coming from you :-)
      The polyester singes very nicely,lol ;-)

  2. Hey Lou love this card ...and the blog header looks fantastic :) Great name too.
    Kate xx


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