Thursday, 6 March 2014

A little rainbow magic...

Greetings from glitter fueled pre-4 year old Birthday party chaos!
Its my day over at Make The Day Special Stamp Store.
My littlest one is about to turn 4,and being the most girly girl ever,her invites (under strict instruction from her) have just been made. I was given my brief-glitter,a unicorn,glitter,something magicy,glitter,oooh a wand!,glitter,RAINBOWS! and er,....glitter. So,with this in mind I reached for my newest Paper Smooches set, Spectrum. Those of you with little princesses must have heard of the ultimate in My Little Pony colour-Rainbow Dash?  Well,Spectrum can offer a very close second...Ladies and gentlemen,I give to you (drum roll) Lovely Unicorn Rainbow Hair! (As named by its tiny 3 year old architect)

These are the party invites (I'm lucky she is only having four guests!) The time and date and other essentials are written on the back so that the recipient has a usable memento after all boring yet essential details are noted.  And yes,there is glitter EVERYWHERE! Neon glitter around the edge,no less than three different types of Stickles adorn the unicorn on hooves and horn and there is yet more glitter on the back,with a light dusting of,yup,glitter across the sky and finished with a gemstone bottom. The craft room looks like Smaugs lair,glittering and twinkling as it waits for the hoover. The stick part are straws wrapped with washi tape (quite a therapeutic activity) and the ribbons are cemented with hot glue between the stars,along with my most of my fingertips. All the stress was more than made up for when each little girl opened up the envelope and pulled out her wand-pure joy :-)  I will leave you with another picture,just for good measure...

I LOVE the Spectrum set-as with all Paper Smooches stamps,there is so much scope in one set,but I don't think I can look at the unicorn again without seeing it covered in glitter and a mane of multi colour ;-) Swinging these guys over to the Paper Smooches Sparks 'Anything Goes' Challenge (Lets hope they mean ANYTHING! Lol) 

Happy Thursday folks,
Lou x


  1. So gorgeous, I bet the girlies loved them!

  2. those little girls squealed with joy when they saw this sparkly invite! I can see why you are glad there were only four invited! That would have taken a lot more Stickles! Very cute and inventive idea!


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